"Time is not on our side."


Far from its purported goal of cooling the planet, climate engineering—or the large-scale manipulation of Earth’s climate system—is doing just the opposite: destroying the ozone layer and triggering a host of feedback loops that threaten to send our planet into total meltdown. Despite these clear warning signs, the "experts" insist that the aerosols saturating our skies are mere condensation trails, and those who question the drastic changes overhead are paranoid conspiracy theorists.

In his groundbreaking documentary, Hacking the Planet, environmental activist and researcher, Dane Wigington, successfully debunks the debunkers, revealing the overwhelming evidence of ongoing climate-engineering operations that governments, academia and the corporate media have been unwilling to acknowledge, let alone halt. As those same entities begin proposing climate engineering as a “last-ditch effort” to curb climate change, Dane urges everyday citizens to “wake the sleeping masses” and end this “grand and lethal experiment” before it’s too late.



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